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          Business introduction

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          Lonzeal Pharmaceutical's products cover preparations, APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates. It is a vertically integrated pharmaceutical company that has been providing global customers with the most cost-effective pharmaceutical products through its commitment to efficient R&D and production processes. At present, the therapeutic fields of pharmaceutical products include antiviral (AIDS, hepatitis B retrovirus, influenza virus), antidepressant and antineuralgia, etc., all of which are produced under GMP conditions.

          Please refer to the product catalog and contact us for a quotation.

          Main business

          Shijiazhuang Lonzeal Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

          Domestic sales center:17703115689    liuyu@lonzeal.com
          International Sales Center:15931139631    emma@lonzeal.com
          Human Resource Center:0311-87512081    lzzyhr@lonzeal.com
          Address: Shenze County Industrial Park, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province (No. 16 West Ring Road)

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          Copyright:Shijiazhuang Lonzeal Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.   冀ICP備09039052號-1
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